Martlet Travel for 6×8

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This is a pochade box with flat lid that is dedicated to be used with a 6×8 panel size. The screws and wing nuts on the lid are placed so that to fix the panel both horizontally and vertically, and after the study is completed it can be placed to a built-in wet panel carrier.

Dimentions: 9x8x3 inches for the pochade box with two carrier slots. It is getting higher by about 0,5 inch with every additional slot.

Weight: form 0.8-0,9 kg for boxes with built-in palette to 1-1,1 kg for boxes with removable palette.

This box is ideal for traveling as it’s very lightweight and compact. It solves the problem of carrying wet panels, and it also solves the problem of carrying paint tubes because you can put enough paints on the palette in the studio. You will soon find yourself carrying only a tube with white.

The pochade box can be used with a leather brush case, handle and can be made with a removable palette. The wet panel carrier’s closing with a plywood key which is held with the lid when the box is closed.

Mounting on a standard photo tripod.


Maximum thickness of the panel to be stored in the wet panel carrier: 6 mm

Friction hinges used to ensure workability at any desired angle.
Dipper holder included in the standard complement when ordering with no side extensions, or with one side table.

The box is finished with varnish suitable for outdoor use. The box’s palette is sealed with oil, so you can mix the paint right on it and the palette will not sink the binder out of an oil paint.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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