Martlet Cube for 7×7 (made to order)

199 USD

A cubic pochade with a magnetic drawer, removable palette and a wet panel carrier for 7×7 inch panels.

Tripod choosing guide:


A cubic pochade box that could carry materials in a built-in drawer. Also has:

  • removable slot-in palette
  • wet panel carrier for two 7×7 inch panels
  • adjustable easel
  • flat bottom to use on a tabletop

Do you ever dreamed of a cozy little home studio for oil painting? This is exactly the one, and you could take it outside as well.

Installing on a standard photo tripod. The recommended tripod is Zomei Q666 (not included in the complement).

The drawer is held by two neodymium magnets.

Measurements: 8×8.7×6 inches

Weight: 1.53 kg

Maximum panel height that could be installed on the easel: 12 inches


Additional information

Weight 1,8 kg


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