8×10 watercolor easel for metal palettes (made to order)

99 USD


A thin watercolor easel made especially for watercolor sets in metal boxes. Some people also like to use metal palettes for gouache, acrylic and temperas.

The design as simple: just two plywood plates treated to use with watermedia equipped with two tension hinges. A metal palette could be safely placed on 6 magnets. There are also openings to clip a plastic water cup and a brush case.

This is a very lightweight easel and will fit any backpack.

The bottom part of the easel has a plate for mounting on a photo tripod, and two plates on the sides to be able to put it on a tabletop.

The tripod, metal palette are not included.

Works with this box brush case. It is a hand-stitched genuine cowhide leather accesory, with a magnet lock.

Dimensions (overall): 11×10.3×1.5 inches

Weight: 0.65 kg.

Easel is made for using with 8×10 inches paper size

Maximum opening angle: approx. 170 degrees

Additional information

Weight 0,8 kg


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