Martlet Medium – Side wet panel carrier (made to order)

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A plein air box with alterable easel and a built-in wet panel carrier, with two spaces for panels. Could be made with a removable palette.

Stain color guide:

Tripod choosing guide:


The regular box with side wet panel carrier for 8×10, 18×24 cm, 20×30 cm, 20×25 cm or A4 panel sizes. Could be built with or without a removable palette. Side panel insertion involves the use of a carrier with panels on the smaller side, i.e. (for 8×10 carrier): 8×10, 8×8, 8×6, etc. The wet panel carrier is closing with a plywood cover.

This box is ideal for those who predominantly uses a certain panel size for studies, but also wants to have the opportunity to occasionally use bigger or smaller panels. Panels can be locked with top and bottom clamps. The bottom clamp could be removed to mount a really big panel.

The easel is mounting on a standard photo tripod. Recommended tripod model: Zomei Q666 or suchlke.


Dimensions for the 8×10 size:
12x9x3 inches

Weight for the 8×10 size: 2.6 lb / 1,3 kg

Maximum panel size for mounting on the easel: 13×13 inches
Maximum thickness of the panel to be stored in the wet panel carrier: 1/6 inches (4 mm)

Friction hinges used to ensure workability at any desired angle.
Dipper holder included in the standard complement.

The box is finished with varnish suitable for outdoor use. The box’s palette is covered with oil, so you can mix the paint right on it and the palette will not sink the binder out of an oil paint.

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg

1 review for Martlet Medium – Side wet panel carrier (made to order)

  1. Nadia

    I bought this box last year and painted about 200 studies on it since. Its all in one piece still, no damaged or broken parts. I have 4 pochade boxes and right now this is my most used one. It’s light, compact and carries two panels inside. It doesn’t wobble on the tripod like some of the heavier boxes and i really don’t miss the drawers. I find it more convenient to pack all the paints and brushes into the backpack itself. I can hike with all my gear for 3km or so and i often do. A heavier box doesn’t allow me to do that. My most favorite part is a clip on brush case that is so great to carry, pack, set up, take down – makes everything faster. I just bought another box from Igor and recommend it to all my painter friends. It compares well to Alla Prima Pochade (which i also have and love), but waaaaaay more affordable.

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