Alpine 8×10 (made to order)

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This is a small size and featherweight plein air easel suitable for painting on small panels up to 8×10 inches. The easel is mounting on a photo tripod with standard 1/4″-20 UNC screw.

Measurements: 10x8x2.2 inches (25.4×20.3×5.6 cm)

Weight: 1.32 lb (0.6 kg)

Material: stained birch plywood

This model is for those who don’t want to stick to a particular panel size, and also do not need a wet panel carrier.
Dipper holder included in the standard complement.
This model uses friction hinges to get rid of the fixer parts.

Panels can be locked with top and bottom clamps, both moving. The box is finished with varnish suitable for outdoor use. The box’s palette is covered with oil, so you can mix the paint right on it and the palette will not sink the binder out of an oil paint.


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Weight 0,8 kg

1 review for Alpine 8×10 (made to order)

  1. Vivek

    I had a larger Alpine box custom made by Igor with a storage for a single wet 24×30 cm panel. Igor had the design finalized over that weekend… he is incredibly responsive. Having now used it on two plein air outings I find it very well made; every wood surface or edge has been processed; the interior has been treated to make for good palette. It balances well as a laptop easel. It sits well on a tripod (but make sure your tripod can take the weight). I love the way the friction hinges are perfectly tightened — not too tight to open, yet with zero “give” when I am painting. The design is efficient, about 3 kilos lighter than a pochade box… my complete plein air set-up works out to 6 kilos including tripod, paint tubes, 4 panels, brushes, turps, everything else, and fits into a simple satchel. This alpine box is a work of art in every way.

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