Pochade boxes for traveling

Handmade outdoor painting equipment for using with a photo tripod.

Lightweight, convenient, stylish. Best solution for traveling.

Made by artist for artists.

“Martlet” pochades

Pochades with a built-in wet panel carrier. Great for those who predominantly paints on a certain panel size, but wants to use it with any size occasionally.

We have three type of pochade sizes here: small, medium and large. You could choose various carrier width and a palette type. Built-in palette is more lightweight. Removable palette is easier to clean.

The boxes are suitable to use with any brush cases, side extensions and have furniture for use with a handle or a strap. The side shelf for holding a dipper cup is included in the standard complement.

A separate design: tripod easel and a hangable palette

This kind of design provides lots of mixing space. The palette hangs on a photo tripod’s legs and the easel is mounting on the quick release plate.

The tripod easel could be used as a wet panel carrier. The whole design weight is under 2 kg excluding the tripod. You can paint up to 17″ panel in height and carry it then on the easel like a bag using a handle.

Watermedia and sketch boxes

Pochades and sketch easels for drawing, painting and sketching with graphic materials, watercolor and gouache.

Makes it easy to make sketches anywhere you go. The watercolor boxes has an epoxy resin palette which is good for mixing water-soluble paints. There are a variety of boxes which are made to use with a certain paper sizes: 5×7, 6×8, 7×9, 8×10 inches, A4 and A5 sizes. You could order it with or without the watercolor wells, or to use with pans.

The sketch easels are built as a kind of folding hard cases to keep pencils and paints always at hand.

Pochade boxes without a wet panel carrier

No built-in wet panel carrier – less weight, right? Probably not if you are using a standalone one. But if you are really have no need of the carrier, consider these boxes.

The “Alpine” model range consists of two sizes: 8×10 and 10×12 (it’s the size of the boxes). This is the lightest pochades that supposed to mix paint right on the bottom of the box. And these has no flat bottom like others, so would be hard to use on a tabletop.

The “Lori” pochades has a removable palette. The unique feature is that there is an opportunity to change the oil palette to an epoxy watermedia one, which is to be purchased separately.

Last but not least

We are making leather goods for a pochade boxes: straps, handles, brush cases to hang on the box (especially recommended!).

And finally we have a solution for a digital plein air – an iPad stand to use with a tripod. Also handy when painting from the screen.